Battlefeild classes

The assault class is a support class as in, giving ammo to allies. Using their grenade launcher to take down walls. They can be also classifyed as a first line of attack. The second line is being engineir. The provide support for veicles. They repair veicle and carry heavy launchers. They are the second best things to take out veicles. The support class is a medic. The medics carry the most damaging fully auto guns. The medic can heal teamates and also revive teamates if the die. The scout class is the sniping class. The scout class is too sneak behind enemy lines and get as many kills as they can. Their purpose is to also place a mobile spawn point. They can also spot enemys and let their allies where the enemys are. Comment and any Questions?


Jets and Hellecopters

I think the maps are great. When you add jets to a map that means bombs droping. Missiles flying everywhere. If their jets in a map that means the map is big enough for anything. Then the hellecopters flyings over head droping guys onto buildings. The miniguns spinning up and mowing everything in their way. This game will test your skill in taking on multiple things at once.

Battlefeild 3 realease

Battlefeild 3 is going to be realeased in 6 days. Frostbite 2 prodicts that 1.5million (from their latest pole) people will get this game. The game will be realeased on October, 25 in America. The 28th  for Europe. My opinion is that this game will be great. I played the beta the game was great. There were some glitches but you could play with em. I can tell you now ill be on when the game comes out. Comment and questions are welcomed. If you want my gamer tag just leave a comment.

My top Two shops.

The top two shops are electronics and culinary. I like electronics because I like to build stuff with my hands. I like culinary becasue I like to be around food. I like to eat and try different things. I came to Shawsheen because I couldn’t sit in class for 6 and a half hours in books every week. I also wanted to meet new people.